My first handlaid turnout

So I wanted to try my hand at handlaying because I knew I would need to for the harlem transfer layout I wanted to try to build so this turnout (which is a 3.5) was my first attempt. It’s not pretty but it’s very functional. I built my own little jig and then proceeded to […]


Lunde studios potential kitbash (Chadwick tower)

I was just playing around with my very sticky model from Lunde studios called Chadwick towers in Photoshop just to see what could be built. I will come back to this when I am not working on the EP&GL. Just wanted to post it show what can be done with Photoshop or photo editing software […]


Layout progress: trackplanning full size.

So recently I have been jazzed to work on a trackplan for the EP&GL. For those of you who don’t know my fictional railroad, it stands for the Eaville, Prosphur and Goode, Labormore Railway Company. These are 4 towns (in some cases cities) that are the delight (depending on POV) or bane of the rail […]

N Scale TTrak

Do you T-TRAK? You should.

So turns out one of the best things about model railroading in n scale is it’s small. Yup here I am again cap’n obvious. I mean n scale is portable and lightweight and has a small footprint. Because of those things, it just so happens that when a modular system is built around n scale […]