New York Central 2-4-4t

So far this is all the information I’ve been able to gather on this little locomotive. I am definitely going to model this as it’s an insanely cool looking loco. New York Central Putnam Division’s Getty Square Branch. New York Central 2-4-4T (Class D) Built by Alco in 1912.  Yonkers Branch service (unknown). NYC STEAM LOCOS DATA […]


Layout progress: trackplanning full size.

So recently I have been jazzed to work on a trackplan for the EP&GL. For those of you who don’t know my fictional railroad, it stands for the Eaville, Prosphur and Goode, Labormore Railway Company. These are 4 towns (in some cases cities) that are the delight (depending on POV) or bane of the rail […]