N Scale TTrak

Do you T-TRAK? You should.

So turns out one of the best things about model railroading in n scale is it’s small. Yup here I am again cap’n obvious. I mean n scale is portable and lightweight and has a small footprint. Because of those things, it just so happens that when a modular system is built around n scale all the good small things about n scale work in favor of the modular system called as well. It just so happens a wonderful modular system exists for n scale and it’s called TTRAK. See what I did there.

I have made a few of the ttrak modules and I must say, for getting involved in model railroading, they are simple to build, easy to assemble and require little to no technical knowledge. In short the barrier to entry is nothing. It’s a blast . I personally think it will be the future of model railroading in public spaces.

Here are some of the top reasons you should check out TTrak:

  1. They are easy to carry (in fact carrying multiples can be done in one hand – with a carrier)
  2. Maintenance is a cinch – they aren’t big remember
  3. In a small localized area you can get fairly detailed.
  4. They are complete-able. Meaning in a few nights you can have one done and ready for the show
  5. It’s good for the hobby because it encourages the young-uns to get involved.
  6. It’s at kids eye level.
  7. Show setup for large layouts is minimal (when compared to other modular systems)
  8. It’s a thematic free-for-all (this is a pro and a con)
  9. It is a direct response to not having enough time. These take little time to complete therefore no one has to “arm chair model”.
  10. It’s not intimidating to start small.


  1. The Kato track – in my humble opinion isn’t very “scale feeling” (tie spacing and uniformity of ballast is a turnoff)
  2. Lack of groups to go to shows with.
  3. It’s a thematic free-for-all (this is a pro and a con)
  4. There really aren’t many more cons – it’s a good system of model railroading.

If you would like further information on ttrak a new spot on the web has emerged by some avid southwestern US ttrakers. It showcases some of the cool modules that go to train shows sometimes. They are fanciful, simple, fantastical, realistic and just plain fun.

Also for more information on ttrak modules visit the main website.

The club I belong to is called Cotten ttrak. stop by and say hi.

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