New York Central 2-4-4t

So far this is all the information I’ve been able to gather on this little locomotive. I am definitely going to model this as it’s an insanely cool looking loco. New York Central Putnam Division’s Getty Square Branch. New York Central 2-4-4T (Class D) Built by Alco in 1912.  Yonkers Branch service (unknown). NYC STEAM LOCOS DATA […]


Atlas, AHM, Rivarossi 0-8-0 redo

Follow along as I work on redoing an ancient but still viable Atlas 0-8-0 switcher, with a new motor, new running gear and pretty much new almost everything. All because I can’t find a reasonably priced USRA 0-8-0.

How To's TTrak

“C” benchwork t-trak module build

I’ve been working on combining my “C” benchwork concept into a “double” t-trak module. I used 1/8″ masonite with plywood blocks for this build. In hindsight I would have used something thicker and lighter like 1/2″ thick foamcore (maybe). First step was to cut alot of strips for the C’s (not show in the pics). […]

Locomotives N Scale

0-6-0, 2-6-0, 4-6-0 Bachmann n scale steam locomotive comparison

So I decided to dig out a few of my steamers and compare and contrast a set of them. I picked the x-6-0 steamer class. We will compare and contrast the 0-6-0 (not spectrum), the 2-6-0 (somewhere in between) and the 4-6-0 (spectrum). The only one not really considered a spectrum locomotive is the 0-6-0 […]

How To's

Tempura paint mortar lines

Turns out one of the best “mortar washes” in N and larger scales just so happens to be one of the cheapest (and oldest) paints around. That’s right I’m talking about that stuff you dared not eat in grade school because of the weird chalky smell it had TEMPURA paint. That chalky-ness is just what […]

How To's N Scale

From Tackle box to train tote

I love repurposing things. Especially when they work out as good as this repurpose has. I had always had this tackle box (got it on clearance at Wal-mart for $10) and my intent was to use it to haul trains in. I did for a very long time but I sat down with a few […]


My first handlaid turnout

So I wanted to try my hand at handlaying because I knew I would need to for the harlem transfer layout I wanted to try to build so this turnout (which is a 3.5) was my first attempt. It’s not pretty but it’s very functional. I built my own little jig and then proceeded to […]


Lunde studios potential kitbash (Chadwick tower)

I was just playing around with my very sticky model from Lunde studios called Chadwick towers in Photoshop just to see what could be built. I will come back to this when I am not working on the EP&GL. Just wanted to post it show what can be done with Photoshop or photo editing software […]


Layout progress: trackplanning full size.

So recently I have been jazzed to work on a trackplan for the EP&GL. For those of you who don’t know my fictional railroad, it stands for the Eaville, Prosphur and Goode, Labormore Railway Company. These are 4 towns (in some cases cities) that are the delight (depending on POV) or bane of the rail […]

N Scale TTrak

Do you T-TRAK? You should.

So turns out one of the best things about model railroading in n scale is it’s small. Yup here I am again cap’n obvious. I mean n scale is portable and lightweight and has a small footprint. Because of those things, it just so happens that when a modular system is built around n scale […]