How To's TTrak

“C” benchwork t-trak module build

I’ve been working on combining my “C” benchwork concept into a “double” t-trak module. I used 1/8″ masonite with plywood blocks for this build. In hindsight I would have used something thicker and lighter like 1/2″ thick foamcore (maybe). First step was to cut alot of strips for the C’s (not show in the pics). […]

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Tempura paint mortar lines

Turns out one of the best “mortar washes” in N and larger scales just so happens to be one of the cheapest (and oldest) paints around. That’s right I’m talking about that stuff you dared not eat in grade school because of the weird chalky smell it had TEMPURA paint. That chalky-ness is just what […]

How To's N Scale

From Tackle box to train tote

I love repurposing things. Especially when they work out as good as this repurpose has. I had always had this tackle box (got it on clearance at Wal-mart for $10) and my intent was to use it to haul trains in. I did for a very long time but I sat down with a few […]

How To's N Scale Track

Spiking N scale Atlas code 55 flextrack (no glue needed)

On the Atlas forums many years ago I described a method for attaching Atlas code 55 flex track to any kind of rigid base/sub roadbed. These are the photos from that experiment. Essentially you cut off a preexisting railroad spike, drill a hole in the track tie where you want the spike to go and […]

How To's Track

Atlas solenoid switch machine under table and through foam

You’ve always wondered if you could reuse those cheapie Atlas switch machines. I say go right ahead. Here is a technique to place them under the table and out of the way.