Locomotives N Scale

0-6-0, 2-6-0, 4-6-0 Bachmann n scale steam locomotive comparison

So I decided to dig out a few of my steamers and compare and contrast a set of them. I picked the x-6-0 steamer class. We will compare and contrast the 0-6-0 (not spectrum), the 2-6-0 (somewhere in between) and the 4-6-0 (spectrum). The only one not really considered a spectrum locomotive is the 0-6-0 […]

How To's N Scale

From Tackle box to train tote

I love repurposing things. Especially when they work out as good as this repurpose has. I had always had this tackle box (got it on clearance at Wal-mart for $10) and my intent was to use it to haul trains in. I did for a very long time but I sat down with a few […]

N Scale TTrak

Do you T-TRAK? You should.

So turns out one of the best things about model railroading in n scale is it’s small. Yup here I am again cap’n obvious. I mean n scale is portable and lightweight and has a small footprint. Because of those things, it just so happens that when a modular system is built around n scale […]

How To's N Scale Track

Spiking N scale Atlas code 55 flextrack (no glue needed)

On the Atlas forums many years ago I described a method for attaching Atlas code 55 flex track to any kind of rigid base/sub roadbed. These are the photos from that experiment. Essentially you cut off a preexisting railroad spike, drill a hole in the track tie where you want the spike to go and […]