Atlas, AHM, Rivarossi 0-8-0 redo

Follow along as I work on redoing an ancient but still viable Atlas 0-8-0 switcher, with a new motor, new running gear and pretty much new almost everything. All because I can’t find a reasonably priced USRA 0-8-0.

So I started with a non-zamac framed Atlas 0-8-0. If you don’t know what zamac is … it was an alloy early n scale steam locomotives were made out of. If mixed improperly it was very very brittle and eventually just crumbled under the stresses of the locomotives. If you have a zamac frame locomotive and you want to keep the locomotive then you need to redo the frame or buy a retro frame from N Scale of Nevada.

My frame modifications for the new motor. I used sculpey for the back of the frame. It ended up being a perfect fit since I just pressed the motor into the sculpey. Then I baked the whole frame sculpey and all. It ended up working really well. The frame and the sculpey kind of fuse. It worked so great I need to try some more experiments.

Turned flanges, blackened wheels, new motor.

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