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Tempura paint mortar lines

Turns out one of the best “mortar washes” in N and larger scales just so happens to be one of the cheapest (and oldest) paints around.

That’s right I’m talking about that stuff you dared not eat in grade school because of the weird chalky smell it had TEMPURA paint.

That chalky-ness is just what we want when modeling small mortar lines on our N scale models. Let’s look at the pluses here.

  1. It’s got a great texture (even small).
  2. It literally washes right off if you goof up.
  3. Mix it to get any mortar color you want.
  4. It’s water based. If it dries out add some water to your pallette and boom it’s good to go again.
  5. Spray on dull coat over the top and it will not “disappear”. It stays where you painted it.

Pretty great stuff huh? Well see for yourself. This is a dpm modular wall section.
Tempura paint mortar lines

Reactivate it when it dries out. This is one of the few paints you can do that with.
Tempura paint can dry out and still be usable.

Some of the examples of the “good stuff”.
Cheap tempura paint from the hobby store

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