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“C” benchwork t-trak module build

I’ve been working on combining my “C” benchwork concept into a “double” t-trak module. I used 1/8″ masonite with plywood blocks for this build. In hindsight I would have used something thicker and lighter like 1/2″ thick foamcore (maybe). First step was to cut alot of strips for the C’s (not show in the pics). Then you glue the blocks to the C’s – you need to use the 5 minute 2 part epoxy. If you’re using a thicker ~1/2″ stock then you don’t need the gluing blocks (so you can skip this step). Next step is to glue the fascias and valance on. The gluing blocks made this part easier to clamp up than say using a 1/2″ material. But using a 1/2″ material I could have had this built more quickly. After the fascia/valance are dried you glue down the baseboard. I then painted everything a semi gloss black. Next up was painting the skyboard then gluing it to the back. After adding this the structure will be really stiff and so it’s really important to keep the back square. The same is true for the baseboard. When the skyboard is glued it’s time to add lights. I used LED light strips of the 5050 smd RGB variety. You can see them roughed in the pictures below. After I added the LED strips to the foamcore, I attached the foamcore to the rest of the structure and that brings us to where I am in the pictures. Next up will be to add in the tracks and scenery. Stay tuned.

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